Human Body Systems

This year in HBS, students will experience the most supportive, and student centered course they have ever seen.

This website was built from the ground up to make sure every student has access to every direction, assignment, and quiz from day one. Because of this structure, students can advance through the content at their own pace. This allows them to master content before proceeding and thus always have a solid knowledge base.

Why is class this way?

Watch as Salman Khan of Khan Academy destroys the idea of a lecture based and teacher paced classroom during a TED Talk

Paul Andersen of Bozeman Science fame, spoke to Harford County Science Teachers in November 2015 about the gamification of learning and in this TEDx Talk you will find the core idea behind this year’s Human Body Systems class.

Daphne Koller, Stanford University professor and MacArthur Fellowship recipient describes the application of online and automated learning at the university level. She also addresses how technology can solve the “Two Sigma Problem“.

In short, class is this way because it should be.

We are scientists, we like experimenting and finding answers and that is what this year will be. We will grow and adapt our class as well as this site as the year goes on. We will have failures and struggles but we will be better for it. I look forward to this experience and the possibilities this offers. We are lucky to have the infrastructure to attempt this modernization but undoubtedly there will be issues that we will work through. I look forward to seeing you in class!